Travel Ambassador || Daniel Jakob


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Travel Ambassador || Daniel Jakob

Daniel Jakob’s Leap of Faith

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“Why a Leap of Faith? Because you know what you are leaving behind, but not what you are going to discover.” – Daniel Jakob
More from Daniel:
 I am 29, yo, Canadian, born and raised in Quebec (Canada) and spent the last 9 years in Switzerland. I left my comfy Swiss life to travel around the world for an undetermined period of time. I am looking to discover places, faces, cultures, and experiences! I have a thing for the environment and love to help people helping themselves. Let’s see where that takes me!”

Dan is currently in Sydney where he lives and works on his new YouTube Channel, Changing Habits.   Daniel describes his channel as, “Positive change starts with our habits! I’m currently on a world tour to discover the best environmental initiatives and the great people behind them.”

I love the excitement of the unknown and Daniel meets that unknown with excited confidence.  Become a part of the Travel Ambassador Program by signing up for free to be in the Enjoy the Journey Travel Network and check out Daniels intro video here:


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