Bike Culture…Learn from the Best

Bike Culture…Learn from the Best

I first experienced a thriving bike culture while backpacking through Europe in 2014. Cities like Copenhagen & Amsterdam have long held a thriving bike culture where people of all walks of life, all ages and all economic classes enjoy biking not only as a way to commute but also as a way of life.

The good news is the rest of the world is starting to see how biking can affect climate change, combat congestion and provide for a more enjoyable commute. One of the best bike cultures in the US is Portland and I’ve got a great video for you to see more.

I care more about how cities are set up and how bikes are a part of it. That’s why I’ve also listed my favorite Inner City Bike Cities in North America. Hopefully, the next time you are in one of these cities you will give biking a try!

Enjoy The Journey Top 5 North American Urban Core Bike Cultures (The Best Inner Cities to Bike In)

1- Portland, OR
2- Montreal, QB
3- Vancouver, BC
4- Washington DC
5- Boulder, CO

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Enjoy The Journey

Enjoy The Journey

Matt was born in Orlando, Florida and loves showing people why his city is amazing. He is a freelance video producer specializing in aerial video. His company, Aerial Excellence LLC, has flown aerial drones and produced videos in 20+ countries. Matt & his 7lb chihuahua Stella currently live, work & play in their custom built Sprinter van upfitted to be a complete home on wheels. Check out more at AerialExcellence.us & read more about Matt on the Meet the Team page.


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