Backpacking EuroTrip 2014

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Backpacking EuroTrip 2014

In 2014 I quit my corporate job and decided to get a 1 way ticket to Dublin and spend the next few months traveling Europe.  I packed a 10kg rucksack and my Jansport backpack complete with a DJI Phantom 2+ drone and a GoPro and started exploring.  Most Americans think they can see all of Europe in 2 weeks.  I thought I could do it in 6.  After speaking with a few traveler friends I figured out that I needed to get on a plane as soon as possible and see how long I could make it last.  My travel buddies also recommended that I travel according to the “No-Plan Plan” which promotes not planning anything more than 5 days ahead of schedule keeping you loose to change and alter plans as you meet people along the way and decide to go somewhere new and possibly experience something you have never heard about.  I cannot express how crucial being on the No-Plan Plan is to your everall experience.  Traveling, to me, is about being at the right place at the right time with the right people. Attempting to plan every experience you think you are going to have while traveling does not allow for spontaneous unplanned adventures that make traveling so fun!  So my recommendation for anyone looking to backpack in a foreign country is to:

Tips for Backpacking

  1. Create a loose schedule of the places you think you would like to see while on your trip.
  2. Pack 7 pairs of clothes and plan to wear them each at least twice, giving you 2 weeks between necessary laundry days.  I prefer to use backpacks over traditional luggage as it is easier to walk with a backpack on your back than to try and roll a suitcase down stairs or rough terrain.
  3. When you are making plans to visit a new city, reserve 1 night in a local hostel with good reviews.  I use HOSTEL WORLD to see photos and reviews of hostels all over the world, but instead of booking through Hostel World I suggest booking directly with the hostel as to avoid extra fees and mistakes in booking.  Obviously Hostel World is not everywhere but they are the closest to it.
  4. When you get to the hostel ask about any free tours available and plan to attend one at your earliest convenience.  I’ve found that it is best to take the free tour the 1st or 2nd day you get to a city to help you get your bearings and meet other similar travelers that you can explore with.  You also can find out all the best information from your tour guide so don’t be afraid to ask.
  5. Don’t be afraid to invite yourself into a group and make friends with everyone you come across.

These are my tips, now get out there and start exploring!

Enjoy The Journey

Enjoy The Journey

Matt was born in Orlando, Florida and loves showing people why his city is amazing. He is a freelance video producer specializing in aerial video. His company, Aerial Excellence LLC, has flown aerial drones and produced videos in 20 countries. Check out more at AerialExcellence.us & read more about Matt on the Meet the Team page.


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