Good Vibe Caravan to New Orleans

Good Vibe Caravan to New Orleans

In October of 2019 the Good Vibe Caravan journeyed from the Florida Panhandle along the Gulf of Mexico through some of the south’s best-kept secrets, try some local cuisine and connect back with nature and a little bit of live music before we arrive in style with early access to the New Orleans Vanlife Gathering hosted by Dustin & Noami in conjunction with Vanlife Diaries.



Morning Meditation || Yoga || hikING || Live Music || pot luck dinners || Campfire community || VUNERABILTY || LEAVE NO TRACE || MINIMALISM

What’s Included?: Each Caravan will include a route each day to a campsite for us to enjoy. I will include fun activities for us along our journey including local music concerts, amazing hikes and off the beaten path adventures to give you a locals feel of the area. You are not obligated to participate in any of the events and can pick and choose how you would like to participate.

Funky Monkey or Sleepy Panda: In order to accommodate Caravaners we have set up options during the caravan for you to choose whether you want to take it easy and turn in early (Sleepy Panda Option) or go out and enjoy the party. (Funky Monkey Option) This way you get to make the choice.

Early Access to the Van Gathering: As a member of the Good Vibe Caravan, you will be granted early access to the vanlife gathering starting on Thursday night with Early Access Parking onsite as well as a Thursday Pre-Party.

Yoga & Meditation: Each morning during the Caravan we will host a meditation and yoga class for anyone to join. This is a great way to start your day and try a new routine built around gratitude and love. These classes will be hosted either by a caravan attendee or streamed through a yoga class app. (Based on available cell signal)

Cell Signal: Many of us live full time on the road and require cell signal in order to get work in during the day. While my goal will be to have an amazing campsite available to you with cell service every night, I cannot guarantee signal at any of the campsites. I will do my best to let you know which campsites will most likely not have service.

Food: Bring food to contribute to the Caravan as we will host pot luck dinners as well as random meals throughout our journey. We are currently working on integrating a meal plan into future caravans. (***I’m looking for a nomad chef that wants to join my caravans across North America for 2020. Contact me at Matt@EnjoyTheJourney.Today)

Cost: Caravans are sponsored by our brand partners meaning that if you are selected to participate in a Caravan it will not only be all expenses paid but may come will free product for you to try out and enjoy.

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE: These experiences are unique and specialized in order to cultivate an organic caravan experience. Space is limited and we will only be able to offer this experience to a few applicants so get your application in as soon as you can and make sure to list which dates and caravan rally locations you would be interested in going on.

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Enjoy The Journey

Enjoy The Journey

Matt was born in Orlando, Florida and loves showing people why his city is amazing. He is a freelance video producer specializing in aerial video. His company, Aerial Excellence LLC, has flown aerial drones and produced videos in 20+ countries. Matt & his 7lb chihuahua Stella currently live, work & play in their custom built Sprinter van upfitted to be a complete home on wheels. Check out more at AerialExcellence.us & read more about Matt on the Meet the Team page.

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