Lear’s 4×4 Sprinter Van Tour & Off Road Lifestyle

Lear’s 4×4 Sprinter Van Tour & Off Road Lifestyle

For those of you that don’t know, one of my video production clients is Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey.  I’ve enjoyed working with her and we’ve produced some high production value videos together with the editor Marcia Trader. I really Love my contribution to this project, being able to connect with the nomadic community throughout North America.  I am welcomed into these peoples lives for a few days connecting, sharing and growing together through our shared talents and perspectives.  I get the privilege to tell the stories of these amazing people beyond their custom rigs.  

I hope you enjoy this video of Lear’s adventure wagon.  We met in Sedona and we’re able to get some great aerial footage of Lear mountain biking at sunset across the red rocks of one of my favorite places in the US.  I hope you enjoy this video, Sedona shined for us that day. 

– Matt Alexander | Aerial Excellence, LLC

This excerpt is from Jenna’s article:

 See the full blog article by clicking here.

In today’s video, I’m featuring Lear Miller and his amazing self-converted sprinter van. Lear is an incredible photographer, and his van actually helps support his career. How, you ask? For one, his van dwelling gives him more flexibility to travel off the beaten path in order to get the most unbelievable shots. He can also now travel with all his gear AND a place to sleep, which is so helpful to get those early morning or late night photographs. It’s crazy to think that vanlife has not only simplified his lifestyle, but it has actually elevated it as well! I’ll let him explain in more depth in the video.

Enjoy The Journey

Enjoy The Journey

Matt was born in Orlando, Florida and loves showing people why his city is amazing. He is a freelance video producer specializing in aerial video. His company, Aerial Excellence LLC, has flown aerial drones and produced videos in 20+ countries. Matt & his 7lb chihuahua Stella currently live, work & play in their custom built Sprinter van upfitted to be a complete home on wheels. Check out more at AerialExcellence.us & read more about Matt on the Meet the Team page.


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