Enjoy the Journey || Travel Ambassadors

Enjoy the Journey || Travel Ambassadors

As I travel I inherently run into and make friends with other inspirational people.  Humans that share a common desire to always be learning and growing outside of the traditional means of education.  Enjoy the Journey Ambassadors embody the culture of learning through exploration.  Each of these individuals has left their normal corporate life and set out to live the life they want and I am here to tell their awesome stories!!! If you believe you embody these same values and would like to become an Enjoy The Journey Ambassador email me at Matt@EnjoyTheJourney.Today and tell me your story.  (Make sure to include pictures, I love seeing everyone’s explorations.)




DJ’s Leap of Faith
“Why a Leap of Faith? Because you know what you are leaving behind, but not what you are going to discover ? I am 29, yo, Canadian, born and raised in Quebec (Canada) and spent the last 9 years in Switzerland. I left my comfy Swiss life to travel around the world for an undetermined period of time. I am looking to discover places, faces, cultures, and experiences! I have a thing for the environment and love to help people helping themselves. Let’s see where that takes me!”


Dan is currently in Sydney where he lives and works on his new YouTube Channel, Changing Habits.   Daniel describes his channel as, “Positive change starts with our habits! I’m currently on a world tour to discover the best environmental initiatives and the great people behind them.”

I love the excitement of the unknown and Daniel meets that unknown with excited confidence.  Sign up to More information as well as ways to follow Daniel on his Journey coming soon.



Stormi Garvey13221717_10105153289318742_2904286246379464090_n

Stormi embodies the seasonal traveler.  When it’s warm she lives in Alaska and when it gets cold she spends her time between the Caribbean Islands, Australia, and New Zealand.

Follow Stormi by clicking her name link to find her on Facebook and check back for updates.

Enjoy The Journey

Enjoy The Journey

Matt was born in Orlando, Florida and loves showing people why his city is amazing. He is a freelance video producer specializing in aerial video. His company, Aerial Excellence LLC, has flown aerial drones and produced videos in 20+ countries. Matt & his 7lb chihuahua Stella currently live, work & play in their custom built Sprinter van upfitted to be a complete home on wheels. Check out more at AerialExcellence.us & read more about Matt on the Meet the Team page.


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