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Meet the Crew

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Matt Alexander


Adriana Ortiz

WILSON FLYNN chihuahua

Wilson Flynn

Vanna White Sprinter

Vanna White







Matt Alexander

  • Born and raised in Orlando, Florida
  • Clemson University Grad
  • Freelance Video Producer (Aerial Excellence, LLC)
  • Cable cutter, documentaries are my jam
  • Love being outside, using my bike to get around as much as possible.
  • Going the minimalist route.
  • Passionate about being an integral member of any community I become involved with.

Ever since graduating from college I have been trading a high salary and corporate title for more time, a higher quality of life and overall happiness.  Trying new things and experiencing new cultures is something I thoroughly enjoy.  During my travels, I have visited over 20 countries in an attempt to broaden my perspective on life and develop a complete understanding of people & their communities.  Too often we choose to trust the false stereotypes we have been fed our whole lives.  I choose to experience life myself and explore it while meeting great people along the way.  On this website, I will document these experiences for my own personal memory as well as to be a catalyst for others to get out and break free of the monotonous routine that many of us have fallen into.


Right now I’m taking my video production company, Aerial Excellence, LLC, on the road while living full time in a renovated 2005 Sprinter Van. (More about that here.)  I started the business in 2014 after returning from a 3-month backpacking trip through 18 countries. I returned with a new outlook on life and decided to follow my desire to create income through video content creation.  I have been freelancing since then and enjoy the continuous path towards helping tell peoples’ stories through creative and unique mediums.


I am definitely an extrovert. I love meeting new people, learning new cultures and broadening my perspective on life.  I used to be extremely work oriented and saw money as a sign of success. After working for 5 years in corporate America I realized that life is so much more than an 8am-8pm job that gives you a great salary in turn for ownership of your time and a constant work mentality that cares only about corporate profit.  Life is too short to spend in a routine that will leave you feeling like the last 40 years, “flew by so fast.”  You have to get out and explore on your own; find our way as we learn from our success as well as our failures.


I am a free spirit at heart. I believe a balanced life includes healthy relationships, outside of your significant other, in which you are sharing Love and learning from each other. One must balance that with a lifestyle full of activity and movement. What you put in your body is the fuel and medicine it needs to perform at peak. Nutrition and exercise mixed with relaxation and stretching provide your mind and body with a healthy balance needed to complete your final task in life, which is to follow your passion and Enjoy the Journey. I named my blog after that belief, and I share it with you in hopes of inspiring that same desire to break free of the normal and create your own path.



A student of life who is on the hunt for new adventures and perspectives. Progressing minimalist and future Van Dweller.  Lover of all things kind and fluffy, Chihuahua momma by choice. Believer of a father God and a mother Earth. Follower of holistic practices to attain a sound mind, body and spirit. Authenticity is one of her many staples so lets all try to keep it real. As a University of Central Florida Psych Grad Adriana’s passion to better understand the human experience leads her to new sights and experiences all while enjoying the journey.

                             WILSON FLYNN

  • 5 Year Old Chihuahua Rescue
  • Raised by Clydesdales
  • 5 lbs soaking wet
  • Cuddle King
  • Just wants to share your warmth.
  • Follow Wilson online on Instagram.


Vanna White Sprinter


  • 2005 Sprinter Van
  • 5 Cylinder Mercedez Turbo Diesel Engine
  • 6′ Tall Living Area
  •  R1N Model Sprinter (Mercedez vehicle imported under the Dodge badge while it was owned by Daimler AG)
  • Became famous for her work with Playboy & Wheel of Fortune