Meet Matt


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Meet Matt

Matt Alexander

Matt Alexander

  • Born and raised in Orlando, Florida (3rd generation Orlando native that loves his city!)
  • Graduated with a degree in Construction Science from Clemson University.
  • Cut the cable a long time ago but enjoy streaming YouTube & Netflix documentaries.
  • Love being outside, whether that’s lounging on the beach or cruising on the bike.
  • Passionate about any community I become apart and being an integral member in helping build and grow it.

Ever since graduation from college I have been trading a great salary and corporate title for quality of life and overall happiness.  Life to me is measured by quality experiences and relationships which is why I put people first and value my relationships as a top priority.

Trying new things and experiencing new cultures has always been a passion of mine.  During my travels I have visited over 20 countries in an attempt to broaden my perspective on life and develop a new understanding about people & their communities.


Right now I’m living in Orlando, Florida, USA developing my video production business, Aerial Excellence, LLC. I started the business in 2014 after returning from a 3 month backpacking trip through 18 countries. I returned with a new outlook on life and decided to follow my passions and make my dreams a reality.


I am definitely an extrovert. I love meeting new people, learning new cultures and broadening my perspective on life. I used to be extremely work oriented and saw money as a sign of success. After working for 5 years in corporate America I have realized that life is so much more than work and that you never know when your time will come and you need to live it to the fullest every day.


I am a free spirit at heart. Someone who over the years continues to cherish experiences and relationships over money and power. I believe a balanced life includes healthy relationships, outside of your significant other, in which you are sharing love and learning from each other. You must also balance that with a lifestyle full of activity and movement. What you put in your body is the fuel and medicine it needs to perform at peak. Nutrition and exercise mixed with relaxation and stretching provide your mind and body with a healthy balance needed to complete your final task in life, which is to follow your passion and Enjoy the Journey. I named my blog after that belief, and I share it with you in hopes of inspiring that same desire to break free of the normal and create your own path.

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